Bookings available for small group fitness classes

At Velocity Fitness Studio, we also offer training for small groups, both for members and for Hunterdon County area companies or organizations interested in a private, healthy team-building experience.

A private group fitness class might consist of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), a 30-minute workout that would include stations for TRX, kettlebells and battle ropes. Participants work their way through fitness training in a variety of different exercises, perhaps learning some new techniques for challenging, stretching and strengthening their bodies.

For members who wish to put a small group together, we will block out time for your class – 30 minutes or an hour – on a weekly basis and incorporate TRX, kettlebells and BOSU balance training into your workouts.

Note that small group fitness classes do not include cycling.

Contact us to book a small group fitness class – or a series of classes, depending upon your needs.