Reach any goal at your chosen pace with TRX Suspension Training

While indoor cycling on the unique RealRyder® bike works your body right-left-right for a full-body workout, TRX Suspension Training® complements that by getting at all your muscles.

Developed 20-odd years ago by a Navy Seal, TRX is now used for military training, as well as by athletes, coaches, trainers and everyday people worldwide for balance, strength and mobility. While you’re working muscles all over your body, a TRX workout is constantly challenging your core as well as increasing your heart health.

It’s called functional fitness training, and Velocity Fitness Studio’s certified trainers will work with you individually or in classes of no more than 21 participants to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

With TRX Suspension Training, gravity becomes your resistance; you use your body weight to work your muscles and your core. You can adjust the level of difficulty simply by moving your hands or feet. The equipment is simple to use, the workouts are effective, and the net result can be full-body health. Whatever your passion, TRX Suspension Training can help you do it better – improving your mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, core strength and heart health.

The number of exercises you can do with TRX is almost unlimited – it’s like going from kindergarten to grad school, just by modifying your movements. TRX Suspension Training has been used successfully with injured veterans and athletes, and even with Parkinson’s patients to improve strength and mobility.

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