Experience yoga with Velocity’s certified instructor

John Feddersen has been practicing yoga for 20 years and instructing since 2003. His unique approach leads some attendees to suggest that John’s sessions are not “normal” yoga classes. That’s because he is not teaching just yoga poses, but, rather, is helping students remember and articulate their own natural mobility.

Flexibility is relative here; in fact, John says it is more important that you come to class “with a flexible mind over body.” A yoga class with John is more of an experience than an exercise class, although you will feel that the class took effort.

“The body likes to be challenged, but not forced,” John maintains. In his classes, the notion of “no pain, no gain” translates to “no gain without mild discomfort.” You can also expect to get a good dose of yogic philosophy from John, because he believes, “understanding yoga leads to a greater understanding of one’s self.”

Certified under Devilila (Devine Play), a Hatha Yoga derivative, John keeps his classes progressive and conducive to all experience levels. It is difficult to describe his style precisely, as each class may vary greatly. A student in his class might discover something beyond the exercise of yoga poses, because spiritual wisdom is blended in almost seamlessly and adds an awakening dimension to the overall experience.

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