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Velocity Fitness Studio is a boutique fitness studio – class-based with a personal approach that focuses entirely on helping committed clients meet their individual goals for health, weight, strength and well-being.

The studio opened its doors in September 2017 and remains the only source in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, for RealRyder® Indoor Cycling that simulates the full-body sensations and health benefits of an outdoor cycling experience.

The age group most successful at Velocity Fitness Studio is between 40 and 70, although we certainly welcome adults younger and older than that age range. We find that fitness often hasn’t been a priority for many of our clients during their 30s and 40s, and they enroll in our classes when they reach a point where they want to trim down, build up and grow stronger.

Unlike the impersonal approach you find at big box gyms where turnover rates are high and nobody even knows your name, Velocity Fitness Studio staff members make it a point to know the personal fitness goals of everyone who joins us. Your success is important to us; we chart your goals and measure your progress – and celebrate your achievements as enthusiastically as we would our own.

Conveniently located

We are located at 104 Main St. in Lebanon, N.J., we have our own parking lot beside our building.

Our studio décor is aesthetically pleasing, our trainers and clientele welcoming to newcomers, and our music just the right tempo for moving to the beat and getting heart rates up. We offer classes seven days a week in RealRyder® cycling, TRX suspension training, and yoga, with a maximum of 21 people per class. Upon request, we also do private training, one-on-one, in each of our disciplines.

A sense of community among like-minded members

There’s a real sense of community at Velocity Fitness Studio – everyone is introduced upon arrival, many members hang out together before and after classes, friendships develop, members lunch together, share email addresses, become Facebook friends and even celebrate at group birthday parties.

Velocity clients are just normal, everyday people; what they have in common is a desire to get healthy and fit. There’s no expectation among our female clients of becoming a perfect size 2 – but Velocity can get you on the right path. A sign in our studio reminds us, “If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

Sometimes that path begins with just baby steps. One woman started two years ago weighing 250 pounds, coming in for five minutes twice a week. She built up to taking classes – first TRX, later cycling and then yoga – and she’s lost 70 pounds.

A 58-year-old with a heart condition had never worked out at a gym. She took what for her was a big first step and joined Velocity – and now she’s a regular.

Many of our younger clients are people training for the military, firefighters, members of law enforcement, and young professionals from various fields. With RealRyder® Indoor Cycling, TRX and yoga, you’ll find you can work wonders with your body – and your sense of well-being – over time.

Investing in equipment like a fast bike or clipless pedals will only take you so far. To really excel in yourself with training. Real Ryder bikes, a team of talented trainers and like minded clients provide a safe and challenging environment to bring out the best in you.​
I'd been a leisurely bike rider most of my life but it wasn't until attending a REALRYDER program that I learned what cycling was all about! The training and knowledge and camaraderie lead to my first road bike, and astonishingly, in a few short months I finished the 107-mile Gran Fondo of NJ !!!!!
I am the Front Office Manager at the Black Bass Hotel. Barb was a hotel guest on her way out for a bike ride. I struck up a conversation with her and told her I was thinking of getting into cycling. After only a moment you could see her enthusiasm and love for the sport. Long story short, I am the proud owner of a Mountain Comfort bike. I can't wait to visit Barb at her new studio. Thank you, Barb.